Together we work

'It’s in my nature... It’s who I am. I’m an organiser - a born-organiser. A connector and a collector of people. I have an instinct for good people - not just those good at their jobs - but good, helpful, thoughtful people. People who fundamentally care. Who effortlessly get on with others. Who love what they do. Who can’t help sharing their knowledge... And I’ve held onto these colleagues... because I know we’re cut from the same cloth and we’ll work well together. Setting up Figura Associates is my way of ensuring my clients get to experience the same benefits and support I’ve had over the years from the people I’ve brought together here.'

Paul Skrgatic – Founder

Our Associates

Paul Skrgatic
Founder and Principal Consultant
Paul has a fundamental vision about supporting people and organisations through change. He’s dedicated to encouraging businesses - from start ups to bluechip - to develop and flourish, and he ensures his clients get the best possible end results.

His substantial expertise in financial services, transport, retail, supply chain, manufacturing, and outsourcing makes Paul a highly influential leader, with an ability to work in matrix environments globally, across multi-cultural and multi-functional teams, engaging stakeholders at all levels.

He is also an experienced programme director, running large cross functional teams, coordinating phased moves of people, systems and machinery. By employing synergised processes, Paul is able to quickly deliver - often exceeding targets - reduced footprints and centralisation, whilst increasing functional capacity and enhancing customer service; resulting in significant savings and benefits. And he has the emotional intelligence to be able to rally and deploy extensive operational improvement teams where necessary and to garner the support and focus of the key people around the change - be they client teams or colleagues and associates.

Dan McCoy

Director, Programmes and Projects

Dan’s experience is across strategic initiatives and transformation, technological, regulatory, organisational and cultural change.

Having most recently supported a major global bank to prepare its teams and clients for some of the biggest regulatory shake ups in recent times, he has the proven knowledge and expertise to enable him to work with businesses and stakeholders of all levels, to plan and execute projects and programmes effectively: from taking ideas and building business cases; through to realising the expected benefits and vision; along with advising on suitable governance structures and efficient ways of operating.

Karen Cooper
Principal HR Consultant
Karen has acquired a reputation for driving significant change, inspiring and developing people and, from these foundations, building high-performing teams - often multi-national and at executive level. People are her passion and her expertise in her field spans a broad range of specialisms including transformational change, project and talent management, shared services, diversity and inclusion, and HR business partnering.

What makes Karen stand out is her thorough understanding of the under-representation of women employees. Her tangible initiatives have gained her the recognition and support of senior leadership and have resulted in cultural shifts, contributing to improved retention rates via redesigned performance management and succession planning programmes, upskilling line managers, and enhanced parental policies.

Sophie Damoglou

Senior Supply Chain Consultant

An action orientated leader, Sophie applies her extensive knowledge, skills and high standards to provide best-in-class practical outputs. She’s specifically interested in helping clients change approaches in order to achieve efficiencies via constant continuous improvement processes.

Sophie excels at sales and operations planning, and working with marketing and other stakeholders to improve sales forecast accuracy. She has programme managed manual-to-digital document storage and directed multi-site/multi-disciplinary teams for new product introductions around the world.

Her experience is mainly in end-to-end supply chain across the food, banking and charity industries and, during her maternity leave, Sophie set up her own charity, winning recognised funding. Over 300 breast-feeding mothers and their babies found free support from her venture.

Kris Thurbin
Programme Director
With an extensive track record gained mainly within financial services and retail, Kris's strong leadership abilities and highly analytical approach make him adept in all areas of programme management; be that initiation of new programmes, reviewing and repositioning existing programmes or setting in place appropriate team structures, process and governance.

Kris's inclusive and  considered style facilitates strong business relationships and he is able to get the most from his collaborations through his combination of enthusiasm, support and focus. Kris works closely with stakeholders to ensure their vision is achievable and will quickly deliver value.

Damian Fentham-Fletcher

IT Service Management Guru

Damian is a recognised expert in everything IT service management (people, process and tools) - from target operating model assessment and creation, to the implementation of entire architectural frameworks and the individual and multiple process areas within.

He can offer a holistic insight into information technology systems, quality assurance, process re-engineering and capability modelling integration; adopting and adapting existing, recognised methodologies to provide scalable solutions.

Taking each organisation on its own particular journey is Damian’s key aim; working alongside his clients to achieve better, resilient outcomes.

Selven Naicker 

Business Transformation Director 

In its 650 year history, Selven was the first ever Director of Change for the House of Commons. He’s also one of a selection of people from a collective of countries to be recognised as a behavioural change techniques and theory expert for University College London, Cambridge University, Aberdeen University and University of Minnesota in conjunction with the UK Medical Research Council.

Selven is a trusted strategic and operational business transformation and organisation change expert with a successful background in start-ups, B2B, financial services, banking, retail, public, SME and FTSE 100 corporates and is the founder and MD of Device Analytic, which has created a ‘from day 1’ commercial company based on business architecture.

Phil Paterson 

Personal Trainer and Endurance Nutritionist

Phil has made sport his life and is on a mission to make it a part of everyone’s life. All round health is his business - from personal training, to diet, 

to de-stressing and re-setting. 

An endurance sportsman, Phil’s specialism is the triathlon: swim, bike and run.

As an analytical trainer, Phil personalises his fitness programmes to incorporate skills and drills, specific to individual needs and abilities, using functional exercises which encourage natural movement.

Believing change often starts from within, Phil’s expertise in the area of nutrition, and his supporting background in sports massage therapy and corrective posture, make him a sought-after coach within the business sector.

Michael Worobec

Resident Artist

Michael leads our more artistic engagements and offers that valuable alternative slant to the practice of change. Believing that the working environment has an effect on wellbeing - and consequently output - Michael creates his own pieces, curates others’ art and offers motivational workshops on various skills from painting to simple printing techniques in order to inspire and stimulate right-brain activity, which is often overlooked when exploring ways to re-engage colleagues. His is a rarely-mined, but emerging proposition, especially useful within the field of colleague engagement.

A professional artist, with his own studio, Michael is also about to set up his first gallery and events space in order to bring together artists, other specialists, and also colleagues and clients, within an innovative, central hub. This beneficial project will be proudly supported by Figura.

Michael’s skillset includes styling, textile and interior design, illustration and stage concept and, as Head of Art in a London school, he has designed an adventure playground and co-ordinated community arts festivals. He is an instinctive collaborator.

Jackie Kane

Creative Writer

With a broad skillset across many creative industries - from fashion, to retail, to theatre and television - Jackie’s copywriting and editing perspective has evolved due to her genuine interest in real people with compelling stories; 

the authentic voice. 

She has an instinctive knack for stripping-out as much jargon as is permissible and believes that simple, human connection delivers the most effective communication.

Martin Muir

Brand Consultant

Martin has been bringing brands and their culture to life for over 25 years. He's nurtured collaborative relationships with clients and agencies and has engaged in a wide range of creative projects from red noses to spaceship liveries.

His current focus is crafting moving stories for branding, documentary and entertainment and Martin has successfully brought truth and authenticity to marketing campaigns and communications in order to engender loyalty and belonging through genuine emotional connection.


Our Experience

Our associates at Figura have had successful working relationships with clients across the financial, transport, retail, media, government, charity and supply chain sectors.