Our Services

Assess and Define

Firstly, we’ll listen. And once we discover what you need and what you expect looking forwards, we’ll help you to really know your business: what’s working, what isn’t working - and what could change to make it work better.

Together, we’ll take a look at everything that flows into your company, the process of how you deal with it, and what the end result is when it flows back out to your customers. And it’s here we’ll expose any bottlenecks.

You might require us on a project-by-project basis rather than for an integrated end-to-end programme of work - that’s fine by us. Whatever the brief, we’ll take the same detailed, personal approach and bring the same intelligence and energy.

Example services can include: 

Business Analysis 

Discovery Analysis

Collaborative Brainstorming Facilitation

Stakeholder Analysis and Management


From our comprehensive investigations, we’ll now have a thorough understanding of how your business is functioning and we’ll be able to determine what’s already efficient and, at the same time, where we might start to offer some changes. Our specialists can then plan solutions around your individual needs.

There’ll always be an impact attached to change. So, before you implement any initiatives, we can also develop models to clarify outcomes and, following on, we can effectively facilitate mitigation and management around these sensitive issues. Minimal disruption is what we aim for.

We recognise that often a cultural change is going to be required in order to support the integration of your new ideas, and we’ll help you ensure smoothrun communications and meaningful colleague engagement across all levels.

Example services can include: 

Strategic Change Planning

Impact Assessment

Emotional Intelligence Discipline

Colleague Engagement

Change Management


Our flexible resourcing means we’ll find the right people and the best technology to meet your desired benefits. We’ll assist your team through the necessary change effort and, where we can, we’ll build new re-usable internal change capability into your business. We’ll deliver so that you can deliver.

Example services can include: 

HR Transformation Management

Tailored Flexible Resourcing

Strengths-based Analysis

Comms Planning

Technology Refresh

Measure and Adjust

Knowledge is empowerment. And, as advocates of continuous assessment and improvement, our mission will always be to create tools that will allow you to regularly update and manage your systems. We’ll enable you to evaluate how your strategies are performing - so you can react with agility to keep your business groomed, honed and in the best possible shape for tomorrow’s challenges.

Example services can include: 

Analytics Collection


Visual Management

Technical Walkthroughs

Facilitated Learning

Enhance and Develop

As well as collaborating with you to produce your individual blueprint for driving change, we’ll work with you to identify your organisation’s readiness to adopt new ideas. And we’ll recommend the steps to take to encourage everyone to come on board and collectively embrace the opportunity to participate in a fitter future for their company.

Example services can include: 

Forcefield Analysis

Colleague Reinforcement 

C Level Coaching

Project Recovery

Brand Refresh

Value Proposition Enhancement

Our Products

These innovative Figura products will allow you to book modules of services to help you manage what we understand are the most common business challenges.


We’ve developed and launched Figura’s Intelligent Operations Management product. Available via the Cloud, and accessible directly from your browser or through an intranet link, your organisation can be totally connected online with the most important daily/weekly/monthly/annual processes. Effortlessly. Intuitively.

FiguraIOM becomes your single source of the truth on how your company really runs; a standard approach for all business teams to utilise, promoting process adoption and providing a method for navigating the entire process hierarchy from top to bottom.

All of your As-Is processes are already held, saving you significant time when it comes to starting any change initiative. The effects on upstream and downstream internal or external practices can also be modelled for new To-Be processes and shared clearly and easily with the appropriate stakeholders. Updates to existing processes, or new ones being launched, can be reviewed and accepted within FiguraIOM and a record of all changes, with attestations by your teams that they will be followed, can be provided. User-friendly, it’s also a superb induction vehicle and, at the same time, an excellent refresher tool.

As well as being our comprehensive guide to help you better manage your business, FiguraIOM can be suitably branded to promote your company’s new way of working; positioning process and process improvement at the heart of your organisation.


When you have too much on and not enough time or information to make decisions on your project portfolio, Figura can provide support with experienced decision facilitators and cloud-based, online project prioritisation collaboration tools (powered by TransparentChoice) that use best in class decision making science. 

We can help you gain agreement on your organisations strategic priorities, aligning your project portfolio to deliver maximum value, reduce wasted effort and match the portfolio size to available budget and resources. The project prioritisation process enables you to achieve deep stakeholder commitment to strategic priorities and greatly increases the likelihood of your projects delivering their goals on time and on budget.

Current Offer: We’re so confident in this university research proven approach, that if 10% waste is not found in your portfolio, we’ll give you the cost of the software back.


Sometimes uncertainty can exist on whether a planned change will deliver the expected business case benefits, or initiatives can stall without clarity on the real reasons why.

Through supporting development of a robust business case for your planned transformation, or a rigorous unbiased review of an existing business case, and by using the PROSCI change methodology and ADKAR Assessments to determine the extent that Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement are present amongst stakeholders across all levels, we can help organisations reinforce the foundations of their programme and effectively position the business case for change with those affected. This in turn leads to clearer management of people change, improved stakeholder engagement, demonstration of stronger sponsorship and ultimately maximises the opportunity for a successful outcome.


For the times you need fast-paced recovery support to bring initiatives in on time and on budget, Figura can offer project and programme management interims to provide you with additional experience and capacity to reinforce your existing teams, focusing on change management and early benefits delivery.


We work with a select group of experienced practitioners who provide hands-on support and by-your-side coaching to C Level directors and also executive and senior management teams. We're delighted to offer the same one-to-one facility to new start-up entrepreneurs.


With our workshops, customised to cover your most important planning sessions, we can support your organisation to understand its strategic intent in order to help you prepare for a constantly changing future.

Our Cloud-based collaboration tools provide action-planning and tracking facilities to allow you to follow-up at your off-sites, ensuring what’s been agreed actually gets delivered.


As part of your planning process, or when setting up a new team, Figura can provide change leadership workshops aimed at C Level directors, and executive and senior management.

From an international network, we connect you with thought leaders in this arena to deliver focused, high energy action learning leadership events, often combined with team-building and group-experiences - both on-site and off-site. These sessions enable reflection on previous plans and are a useful springboard to provoking collaboration on innovations, planning the delivery and agreeing ownership for implementation.