What is TeamRetro?

TeamRetro is an online, problem-solving, agile retrospective meetings platform designed around distributed teams.

Easy. Effective. Empowering.

With our simple drag and drop interface, you can capture your team’s input in real time, customise each step and group it according to your process. Perfect for keeping everyone engaged and in-the-loop; improving your organisation’s working culture.

TeamRetro Features

Automated Idea Grouping

We apply natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to suggest similar or related ideas for grouping.

Action Planning

Capture retrospective actions and track them between retrospectives. You  can assign action owners, due dates and track completion.

Works On Any Device

Access TeamRetro on your phone, tablet or desktop - using any modern web browser.

Comment & Discuss

Add your comments to ideas or actions. Keep the team up-to-date with the progress of actions assigned to you.

Fully Customisable

Customise each step of the retrospective meeting to better fit how your team operates.

Designed For Remote Teams

Create separate workspace for each of your teams. Quickly invite retrospective participants.

TeamRetro Preview

Here's a quick preview of TeamRetro.

Click below to set up a free trial. You can run three retrospective meetings with up to 20 team members. No credit card required.